Gravity Rush 2 Is Getting Server Maintenance and a Patch Today, Online Functionality May Be Impacted

Gravity Rush 2 - Server Patch February 20th

February 20th (today or tomorrow depending on where you live), Gravity Rush 2 will be getting another server update and a new patch, according to in-game updates that were sent out earlier (see the featured image). Both the server maintenance and the patch are scheduled to be delivered between 3:50 and 8:00 UTC. If you have still have some online challenges or treasure hunts to complete, you may want to get those done before the maintenance starts, as online functionality may be impacted as a result.

It’s not clear what we can expect from this update. The previous patch actually had several undocumented updates, such as a unique sky for each mining area, updated music for the Lei Colmosna area and increased draw distance for precious gems. I also don’t recall any of the key NPCs reacting to Kat’s gravity shifting before the first patch. Afterwards, they all showed varying reactions when caught in Kat’s gravity field.  It’ll be interesting to see if any similar changes are brought to the game in the upcoming patch.

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