Gravity Rush 2 Glitch Briefly Allows Raven to Use Kat’s Gestures

Gravity Rush 2 - Raven Gestures

Some time ago, @gravity_raven posted an interesting video on Twitter, showing a glitch where Raven didn’t immediately change back to Kat after returning from the Delvool Trench Mines. Where things got really interesting is that Raven could actually use Kat’s gestures during that time. Gravity_raven explained that the problem occurred on a “super laggy PS4”, which explains the extended loading time seen in the original video.

More recently, Art Shak managed to figure out how to replicate the glitch using a slow external hard drive (describing the exact method used in this Reddit post) and tweeted a new video showing Raven using more gestures, which you can view below. While the gestures are still accompanied by Kat’s voice, they otherwise seem to work just fine. At this point, it’s probably unlikely that this feature would be included in the main game. Nonetheless, it’s still interesting to see that it’s technically possible, even if the method involved is difficult to reproduce.

YouTube video

Original Twitter post

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    1. Thanks for pointing that out, I was doubting if it was just the video compression making it difficult to see or if it really wasn’t there.

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