Gravity Rush 2 x Let It Die Collaboration Details Revealed, Event Starts August 9

Closeup of the Kat costume in Let it Die.

After already revealing a few screenshots, GungHo Online Entertainment has now released the details on the collaboration between LET IT DIE and Gravity Rush 2. As part of the collaboration, LET IT DIE will be receiving Gravity Rush themed DLC. First of all, the “Kat Collab Armor Pack”, a 3 piece armor set which looks like Kat’s default “Shifter 2.0” outfit in Gravity Rush 2, will be for sale on the PlayStation Store from 8/10/2017 through 9/6/2017. After purchasing the armor on the store, you apparently still need to buy it in-game as well using Kill Coins. As you can see from the screenshots below, you can actually use Kat’s costume on male characters as well.

Aside from the armor, a number of Premium Skill Decals will also be made available. These are the “Kat”, “Raven”, “Kali Angel” and “Durga Angel” decals, each providing their own benefits in battle. Other decals include Jupiter Style, Panther Mode, Lunar Style, Dusty, Apple and Stasis Field. You can view a few videos below showing the premium decals’ effect in action.

Kat Decal

Raven Decal

Kali Angel Decal

Durga Angel Decal

Lastly, a number of “Gravity Rush” quests offering various in-game rewards will also be available for a limited time during the collaboration event, s. For more details, you can view the official website’s article here. According to the official Let it Die Twitter account, pricing details will be coming soon.

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