Review: Gravity Rush Manga Chapter 2

The 2nd issue of the new Gravity Daze manga was released today in the October issue of Comic Alive. While the first issue was an adaption of the second half of Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture (which I talked about here), the story has now moved on to the events from Gravity Rush 2. Evidently, this means the following impressions will contain spoilers for the game!

Like last time, the manga continues to stay faithful to the story in the game. The prologue part where Kat and Syd make a narrow escape from the mining area with the help of Lisa is present in the manga, but the story quickly moves on from that point. Kat and Syd get scolded by Lisa, and we also get the introduction of Misai. In a scene not present in the game, there’s a moment where Kat momentarily forgets the fact that she can’t fly anymore and carelessly jumps of a platform into the void. Luckily for her, Syd is just in time to grab hold of her before she plummets down.

Like in the game, nobody in the Banga settlement believes Kat and Syd’s story about how Kat could manipulate gravity. Nobody except for Cecie, and the manga spends a bit more time on a conversation between her and Kat. When Cecie goes missing, Kat goes looking after her and finds her at the edge of a cliff, holding a cat. Unfortunately, she’s too late to prevent a Nevi from grabbing hold of her. Standing at the edge of the cliff, Kat finds herself unable to reach the Nevi in the air and help Cecie. However, she seems to notice that the cat which Cecie is holding in her arms looks familiar. Recalling the moment where she failed to grab Raven’s hand when they were separated during the gravity storm, Kat makes a decision not to let the same thing happen again. Much to Syd’s horror, Kat makes a gamble and decides to jump from the cliff, calling out to Dusty. This prompts a response from the cat in Cecie’s arms, which immediately jumps towards Kat. Reunited with Dusty, Kat regains her gravity shifting powers, easily disposes of the Nevi and saves Cecie. Seeing Kat and Cecie floating in the air, Lisa and the others realize Kat’s story about her being the Gravity Queen were true. This marks the end of the 2nd part of the manga.

So far the events remain largely the same as those in the game, something which I imagine will be par for the course. At the current pace, the next chapter will likely introduce Vogo and Fi. The manga’s art style remains largely the same as in the first chapter, which means it’s very different from what we see in the games. Personally I don’t really mind, as it’s better for the artist to work in their own style rather than trying to mimic someone else’s. The latest issue of Comic Alive (in Japanese only) can be ordered at Amazon Japan for the price of 680 yen (around $6.2)

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  1. I’m glad the artist added that little bit of Kat remembering Raven when they got separated during the events at new haluerion (forgive me if i’m wrong, it’s not an easy name to remember) since i though it was something that felt was missing in both the game and the animation, it will be great if we get to see Raven’s point of view.

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