Review: Gravity Rush Manga Chapter 3

Gravity Rush Manga Chapter 3

The latest chapter of the Gravity Rush manga has been released in Japan, so it’s time for another quick review. The previous chapter ended with Kat finding Dusty, regaining her shifting ability and rescuing Cecie. When they get back to the village, Lisa apologizes to Kat for not believing her story about her being ably to manipulate gravity, but goes on to scold Cecie for running away. Kat quickly defuses the situation by interrupting Lisa and explaining it was in fact Cecie who found Dusty, allowing her to regain her power.

While Kat receives praise from the villagers, we see Misai sulking in the background, seemingly jealous of all the attention she’s getting. Like in the game, Kat receives her remade Shifter costume from Syd, though here he actually hands it to her in person (and receives a mild punch from Kat for commenting on her chest size).

The following events also mirror the game, with Kat greatly increasing the village’s mining output using her gravity powers, and Vogo and Fi making their appearance. While Kat still goes to the Forbidden Land to find enough gravity ore to pay off Vogo, it’s actually Misai who first informs her about the Forbidden Land. Lisa opposes to the idea of going there, explaining there’s a reason that it’s called the Forbidden Land, but ultimately relents. But unlike in the game Kat doesn’t go alone, as Misai ends up joining her. Here, the manga actually merges the main story with one of Misai’s side-quests. In an attempt to prove his worth as the top miner of the village, he separates from Kat (who was busy fighting a bunch of Nevi). Attempting to extract valuable ore, Misai instead stumbles upon a powerful Nevi (which actually serves as the first boss in the game). The chapter ends with Misai running away and losing his balance at the edge of the cliff.

This chapter proved to be an interesting one, notably because Misai’s presence in the forbidden land is the biggest diversion from the game’s storyline so far. While the outcome is still predictable, it’s interesting to see the characters in a situation that’s not entirely the same as the game. For those interested, the latest issue of Comic Alive can be imported from various retailers, such as Amazon Japan. Expect another review of the fourth chapter next month!

5 Replies to “Review: Gravity Rush Manga Chapter 3

  1. The difference you point out is interesting, because the game does give you the impression that Misai’s going too (he shows up at the beginning of the episode in a grav suit and all), but he doesn’t actually join you.

  2. I’m kinda glad they aren’t doing the story of gravity rush 2 step by step, and instead are giving it a different perspective in some parts, either by combining side quest into the main story or slighting altering certain events. This way the manga can be it’s own thing without making it “canon” or necessary to understand the story of the game.

    Personally, i don’t like much when a good chunk of a game’s story have to be explained through books or comics or spin off games, i rather have it all in the game, either in form of text or dialogues between characters.

    1. Certainly. As long as they don’t make drastic changes or alter character personalities, I do enjoy the alternate storylines.

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