New-Found Glitch in Gravity Rush 2 Allows You to Play as Raven in Story Missions!

Over at the Gravity Rush Discord, Nine has discovered a rather amazing glitch, enabling players to actually play as Raven in the game’s story, side and challenge missions, participate in Treasure Hunts and enter the Pipe House! Several fans have already successfully managed to reproduce the glitch. While not everything works, and there’s no guarantee that it won’t end up breaking your save files (so far, it doesn’t seem to do so), this glitch really opens up new possibilities for fans to explore!

The only caveat is that you need to complete Delvool Trench Mine layer 30, enabling you to use Raven in the game’s mining missions. From there, Nine documented all the steps needed to play as Raven in the main game. I also made a short video showing the process below.

Important note:¬†There’s some concern that the fact that Raven can be used in the Challenge Missions could lead to this glitch being patched out of the game. Following some discussion in the Discord, people there agree that an upgraded Kat (with talismans) should always be able to outperform Raven. Given that this glitch can only be obtained by people who reached layer 30, Raven is essentially little more than a special version of Kat, just like a Kat upgraded with talismans. As a result, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for the developers to patch this glitch, especially given the fact that it provides access to a much requested feature by the fans!

Here’s the information first posted in the Gravity Rush Discord by Nine:

So the steps are:
  1. Travel to a mining site.
  2. Trigger the travel back to town.
  3. Run to Raven and stand in front of her.
  4. Skip the transition.
  5. Trigger the dialogue and accept the switch as fast as you can (a.k.a. mash square and X when the screen fades to black).
  6.  Raven spawns in the middle of the sky in a free-fall, so skip the rest of the transition.

Once you do that, it returned me to Hekseville as Raven, fully equipped for free roam.

Nine followed up with more details on what you can and can’t do using this glitch:

— Can —

  • Making a save with Raven will load the game as Raven
  • Enter the pipe house with no issues
  • Fast travel with no issues
  • Accept challenge missions and keep Raven (however, you cannot play as Raven in any challenges that swap your costume)
  • Treasure hunts (and surprise your fellow Shifters with Raven in the picture!)
  • Replay Missions as Raven as long as there is no costume change. Costume changes lock you into Kat for the duration of the mission, however you return as Raven on mission complete/retire.

— Cannot —

  • Use your SP Special Move outside of areas where Raven can normally be used.
  • Complete Story Mission 9. (Lunar Style tutorial disables Shifting, making it impossible to proceed)
  • Complete Story Mission 12. (You must use Jupiter Style to break through a certain wall, making it impossible to progress as Raven)

— Things to Note —

  • Switching costumes instantly swaps you back into Kat; useful for canceling the glitch if you need regular Kat for something.

Also note that the above list is non-exhaustive. There’s still a lot that needs to be investigated!

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  1. Unless I’m doing it wrong, you can’t complete mission 20 as you need Surge kick to break through Kali and Durga’s shield, normal attacks don’t deal damage and nor do the Blue Jays Raven uses.

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