Gravity Rush 2 Receives 5 Nominations in the NAVGTR Awards

The National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers (NAVGTR) have recently announced the nominees for its 17th annual awards program, and SIE Studio Japan’s Gravity Rush 2 has been nominated in 5 different categories. While it’s not very well known, NAVGTR is non-profit organization that holds an annual awards program to recognize the best in video game art, technology, and production. The nominations were determined by 739 press voters in 60 competitive categories. I’ve listed the categories where Gravity Rush 2 received a nomination below, along with a description (where one was available) detailing what the category entails. The winners will be announced March 13, 2018.

Gravity Rush 2 Nominations

  • Camera Direction in a Game Engine (for the programming, design, and use of camera movement to enhance an interactive activity within a game, including movement that either takes place during interaction or provides another view of an immediately preceding action that was controlled by the player)
  • Control Design, 3D (for the effective use of a standard or specialized controller in the design of a game’s two-dimensional, limited 3D (i.e. railed), or fully 3D control system, also known as a “control scheme.”)
  • Costume Design (for the design of a character’s costume and its detail, with little regard for the character’s physical form or hair style)
  • Direction in a Game Cinema (for the creative use of camera angles, movement, and timing to convey the ideas presented in a cinema or cut-scene)
  • Game Engineering


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