Gravity Rush Original Soundtrack Receives “Dramatic Sound” Award in the PlayStation Game Music Grand Prize Awards

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the results of the “PlayStation Game Music Grand Prize” awards on June 15, 2018. The songs were rated popular songs from the number of playbacks by Spotify , a music streaming service, and votes from users. The awards included three categories: album awards and songs awards based on the number of playbacks on Spotify and three special awards that were based on user reviews.

In the top 20 Album ranking, the top three albums are respectively the “Persona 5 Original Soundtrack”, “Monster Hunter World Original Soundtrack” and “Ico ~Melody in the Mist~”. In the same list, the Gravity Rush 2 OST was ranked 12, while the Gravity Rush OST ended on place 14. In the top 20 Song ranking, the top three songs were respectively “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There” from Persona 5, “Proof of a Hero” from Monster Hunter World and “Life Will Change” from Persona 5. Unfortunately none of the Gravity Rush songs managed to secure a spot in the same list.

For the special prizes based on user reviews, the Gravity Rush series received the “Dramatic Sound Award”, along with the Sonic series which received the “Cool Sound Award” and the Atelier series which received a “Creative Sound Award”.

Sony has made a Spotify playlist for the winning songs/albums, but not all of the songs will be available depending on the region you’re in. In fact, both Gravity Rush albums on Spotify appear to be region-locked and unavailable outside of Japan. Curiously, This doesn’t appear the case for other SIE soundtrack such as The Last Guardian. It would be nice to see Sony make these available elsewhere, but regardless it’s good to see the underrated Gravity Rush soundtracks get some recognition!

Source: 4gamer

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