Sony Shuts Down Gravity Rush 2’s Online Servers

Gravity Rush 2 Services Ended

Despite the best efforts from Gravity Rush fans around the world who supported the #DontForgetGravityRush campaign, where the goal was to either prevent the closure or get Sony to patch the game to unlock the online-exclusive items, Gravity Rush 2‘s servers still went offline as scheduled on July 18, 5AM UTC. There’s been no response from anyone at Sony to the many tweets from the fans, or even to inquiries from gaming media websites. At this moment, it appears unlikely that the game will receive an update to help new players acquire otherwise unobtainable items.

Attempts to upload photos or accessing online rankings (for Dusty Tokens or Challenge Missions) now result in an error message. It also seems that we’ll now get the network error message every time we complete a Challenge Mission, if only to highlight how the game wasn’t designed to lose its online services so soon.

UPDATE: If you take a photo from a treasure chest found offline, the game will still ask you to take a photo to upload for other players, only to fail afterwards.

Once more, I’d like to thank to everyone who contributed to our #DontForgetGravityRush campaign, as well as the game’s developers who implemented the online features in the game. It’s a shame Sony didn’t do anything to at least reduce the impact the closure would have on the game.

Taking down the servers obviously wasn’t the decision from the development team. The game’s director tweeted this to the fans after the servers were closed (keep in mind he posted this from a machine translation):

The game’s concept artist Takeshi Oga also tweeted in English to the fans, telling them he’s saddened by the loss of the online servers, but impressed by how many fans tweeted #DontForgetGravityRush.

Kyosuke Wakasa (producer of Gravity Rush The Animation ~Overture~) also tweeted a thank you to the fans:

8 Replies to “Sony Shuts Down Gravity Rush 2’s Online Servers

  1. How could they do this to us? After all of this we got betrayed by sony once more! Looks like sony doesn’t care for the games that don’t make millions or the fans…The last 2 months I did my best of efforts to buy the console and the game on time but that was just impossible! In a family with a lot economic problems and in a 3rd rate country like Greece which things are getting from bad to worse everyday what I tried to do was just to much but I tried.Two years ago I bought a Psvita just to play the first game as intended for heavens sake! I am just like everybody else a true Gravity rush fan and that is just to much for me! Today I along with many other players who didn’t bought the game in time just lost the full Gravity rush 2 experience and that probably will never change! Now in order to ever feel better we have to wait till Gravity rush 3… if ever is going to be one and if is going to have online features just like the previous one! One more thing that makes my heart break is that this fandom is going to be much more weaker without Gravity rush’s online sharing features… Well but over all I myself want to say thanks to everyone and I really hope that we won’t break this beautiful community! We are all Gravity Kings and Gravity Queens and we all together have the power to turn the world upside down!

  2. Very sad to hear that. I hope our community keeps it unique atmosphere and happiness throughout the years to come. I appreciate your work in organizing the community and in making our voice heard. Many thanks and never forget Gravity Rush.

  3. Thank you for the campaign. It was great to see how many Gravity Rush fans are out there. Ultimately we couldn’t save online features, but at least we had few more months of treasure hunting and challenges. Most important i’m sure many gamers first heard about the series thanks to campaign and end up enyoing it.
    I hope shutting down servers won’t draw up potential players form trying Gravity Rush in the future, because this is still an amazing and unique game. I know that chances are very slim, but i hope that we will heard about new game someday.

  4. As someone who loved playing the first game on my Vita and didn’t have a PS4 when this one came out, I’m not even remotely surprised that this game bombed. I would have bought this day 1 on the Vita to show my support for more AAA first party games.

  5. It’s been over a year since I wrote this comment… Now I do have a Ps4 and the game… I bought both of them last month… You know maybe I was a little bit toxic back then… I don’t know maybe it’s just a small complex I have you know… Because everytime I wanted to participate in something I didn’t had the power and when I did the party was over… Now I have a job and I am trying to take my life in my hands… I am even planning to buy my very first launch-day game… It’s going to be Midievil a classic masterpiece… Anyway I am getting out of topic… I just feel like I own an apology to the community for being too frustrated back then… Thank you so much for listening to me bragging. Have a nice day… And don’t forget to play Gravity rush!

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