Gravity Rush Speedrunners Are Participating in the NoReset x Next Level 2018 Marathon this Weekend!

Gravity Rush Remastered Next Level 2018 Speedrun Header

The NoReset x Next Level 2018 speedrun is currently underway, and SingingMuffin of the Gravity Rush speedrun community will be participating! The speedrun is raising money for a local charity, and can be viewed on NoResetMarathon’s Twitch channel. The Gravity Rush run is scheduled to start on November 11, 18:29 GMT. You can view the schedule in your local time here.

For more information on the Gravity Rush Remastered speedrun community, be sure to check out our previous article. You can also check the leaderboards for speedruns of the Gravity Rush games here:, and the community has an active discord channel if you’d like to talk to them!

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