Gravity Rush 2 Joins the PS Now Lineup! (Updated)

UPDATE: The game has a game-breaking bug on PS Now that prevents people from completing the game. More information here.

Original article:

Sony has announced a new batch of games that will be added to their PS Now service as of today, and it includes Gravity Rush 2! With Gravity Rush Remastered already being available on the service, this means PS Now subscribers can now experience Kat’s story from beginning to end. While the service isn’t talked about all that often, it nonetheless had 700,000 subscribers back in April 2019. That’s quite a few people and hopefully many of them will end up giving the Gravity Rush games a try! It’s also interesting to see newer PS4 titles arrive on the service as Sony seems to focus mostly on older PS3 and PS4 games. Hopefully this means we’ll see more newer titles arrive on the system in the near future.

I’m currently testing Gravity Rush 2 via Sony’s streaming services and, as with Gravity Rush Remastered, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about how well the game performs via streaming as well as the PS Now service in general in a future article. Stay tuned!

Thanks @rant_war and other people who notified me of this news ahead of Sony official reveal!

2 Replies to “Gravity Rush 2 Joins the PS Now Lineup! (Updated)

    1. Unfortunately, yes, it still crashes. While PlayStation support has forwarded the results to the necessary department, it’s still helpful if people contact @AskPlayStation and @AskPS_UK about this problem. The more people ask about it, the more likely it might be resolved.

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