Gravity Rush: The Animation ~ Overture ~ Receives a Spanish Fandub!

Most of you have probably already watched Gravity Rush – The Animation ~Overture~, a CGI animation created by Studio Khara (Rebuild of Evangelion). It was made available for free on YouTube by Sony Interactive Entertainment, and it also received a Blu-ray version that was included with the game’s Limited Edition (Japan and Asia only). Just like in the game, the voice actors spoke in the fictional language “Gravity”, although the Blu-ray version received a separate Japanese voice track by the same voice actors.

A Spanish fandub community has now teamed up to create a Spanish fandub of the animation! And while I don’t know Spanish, the end result sounds quite impressive, with characters like Kat sounding very similar to the original voice actress. The responses from the Spanish-speaking fans has also been very favorable. You can view the videos of the fandub below, followed by a short interview we had with the director Iván Rodríguez (also the voice of Syd in the fandub)!



Interview with Iván Rodríguez

Can you tell us a bit about the people behind the dub and the role they had in the production?

I do the directing and casting functions, I direct the actors and I choose them. They come from the Spanish dub communities. I make the scripts, I adjust them to the characters’ mouths and I also make sure that everything makes sense and is congruent with the lore of the game and the characters’ personalities. Then, the hardest part, is to do the editing, putting each sound by hand until you do all the mixing and effects. With the voices recorded, I mix them, I edit the reverberations and compressors and that’s it! My colleagues, the actors and dubbing actresses, do half of all this, without them none of this would be possible.

How do you go about removing the voices of the existing track?

There’s no way to remove the voice, I make the entire track by hand. It’s pretty tough and takes time, but at the end it sounds very awesome!

So you basically remade the entire audio track, using the official soundtrack?

That’s correct! I remade everything trying to make it sound like the original.

That’s impressive work! I noticed you’ve worked on a lot of other fandubs before. Can you tell us why you choose Gravity Rush – The Animation for this project?

I love Gravity Rush! I mean, when I first saw it on the Vita, I fell in love with it. And well, when Sony released the two anime episodes, I knew I had to do a project like this. Also, after the poor results they had with the sequel, it was clear that Sony weren’t going to use more resources in this saga so… this was my only way to say “Gravity Rush exists, Sony. People like me love it”.

I think many fans can relate to that feeling! You also mentioned interest in creating an English fandub?

Yep! But I have a problem, I don’t know any English fandubbers so… I would need to do a research first!

I’m sure there are fans who would be willing to help with that! Thank you for answering our questions. To conclude the interview, is there anything else you’d like to share with to our readers?

Yes! Like I said before, I know we’re a small group of fans, but… We can’t allow Sony to put aside such a cool franchise as Gravity Rush. As long as we keep creating content, let’s talk about it and never forget GR, it will always be alive. And hopefully Sony will one day dare to make a third game!

Let us know what you think!

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