Keiichiro Toyama Talks About the Development of Gravity Rush and Renewed Interest in Siren in the Latest Pirolive!

PiroLive, a show from CyberConnect2 where their CEO Matsuyama Hiroshi hosts conversations with various guests working in the video game industry, recently invited Keiichiro Toyama. In the third video in the series they talk about the “secret backstory” of Gravity Rush (aka Gravity Daze in Japan). In reality the information that Gravity Rush was initially being developed for PS3 isn’t new, but it’s still interesting to hear more about how Sony pitched the idea to Keiichiro Toyama to move the game to PS Vita. He also talks about why he thinks Sony gave him the chance to work on an unconventional game like Gravity Rush.

Also interesting for Siren fans is that Toyama mentions that the series appears to getting more popular again, in part because of how the franchise now benefits from the growing popularity of live streaming. Matsuyama Hiroshi asks him if Sony isn’t pushing him to make another Siren game, which Toyama says they haven’t. The CEO then says a lot of people are probably hoping for a new installment in the series, but doesn’t want to push Toyama on the topic.

The other videos also feature similar discussions about the Siren games in particular, so if you’re interested in Toyama’s work, be sure to take a look (don’t forget to activate the English subtitles!). The Gravity Rush section can be found in the 3rd video.

Thanks to Rina on Twitter for letting us know about the videos.

Keiichiro Toyama – Challenges during the PlayStation era (PiroLive! 1/4)

Keiichiro Toyama – The fears behind “SIREN” (PiroLive! 2/4)

Toyama Keiichiro – A secret story from the origins of “Gravity Rush” (PiroLive! 3/4)

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