Gravity Rush Film in the Works by Playstation Productions & Scott Free

Completely out of the blue Deadline just posted an exclusive announcement revealing that a Gravity Rush film is in the works from PlayStation Productions and Scott Free! Yes, I’m just as stunned as you are at this news. The film will apparently be directed by Anna Mastro (Secret Society of Second Born Royals) with a script written by Emily Jerome (Panopticon). And that’s also about as much as we know at the moment. There has also been no official announcement from PlayStation Productions.

It’s currently unclear if the film will be an animation or live action. Understandably many fans are hoping for an animation in the same vein as “Gravity Rush The Animation – Overture” (still available to watch for free on YouTube, linked below), although at the moment it does look to be more likely to be a live action, given the companies involved.

Gravity Rush The Animation bridges the gap between the original Gravity Rush and its sequel.

What does this mean for Gravity Rush, a franchise that had seemingly been abandoned after Sony disbanded Japan Studio some time ago? Most of the people behind the game are no longer working at PlayStation, so it’ll remain to be seen if any of them will be involved in some capacity with the project. With that said, perhaps this film project might bode well for a potential PC release of the Gravity Rush games? For now, we can only wait and hope for more details to be revealed soon!

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