Gravity Rush 2 Original Soundtrack (15 Tracks) Now Also Available on the EU PlayStation Store

Gravity Rush 2 - Original Soundtrack PSN

I didn’t notice this until recently, but the original soundtrack for Gravity Rush 2 (composed by Kohei Tanaka) was added to the EU PlayStation Store on January 31. When the game was first launched it wasn’t available in that region, unlike in the US where it was already available at the game’s launch. The digital version of the soundtrack doesn’t contain nearly as many tracks as the 4 CD soundtrack released in Japan, but at €7.99 / / $11.99 / £6.49 it’ll also cost you less, and when listening to the soundtrack on your PS4 you can also view a slideshow of artwork from the game. The total runtime is 53 minutes and 15 seconds.

What I do find disappointing is that it offers considerably less value for those who had pre-ordered the digital version of Gravity Rush 2, since that already included the “Director’s Choice” soundtrack. All 9 tracks included in the “Director’s Choice” soundtrack are also included in the Original Soundtrack, and the artwork is the same. Nonetheless, for those that don’t have the Director’s Choice, it’s not a bad deal. You can find the links to the soundtrack for the UK, US and EU PlayStation Store below, as well as the complete track list.

Gravity Rush 2 Original Soundtrack (UK PlayStation Store)

Gravity Rush 2 Original Soundtrack (US PlayStation Store)

Gravity Rush 2 Original Soundtrack (EU PlayStation Store)

Track list:

  1. Gravity Rush 2
  2. Storm and Triumph
  3. Fire-Bound Lions
  4. Lei Colmosna
  5. Night Gale
  6. Candlelit Journey
  7. The Lost City
  8. Pleajeune (Revisited)
  9. Hot Pursuit
  10. Under Invasion
  11. Angel
  12. Fate’s Spiral
  13. Gravity Rush 2 (Harmonica)
  14. Fundamental Forces
  15. A Cue aun Tu Oi / A Red Apple

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