New Dusty Tokens Event Grants You Extra Tokens for Completing Challenges, Treasure Hunts and Photo Reviews

Dusty Tokens Event March 2017

If you’re looking to work towards getting those 6000 Dusty Tokens in Gravity Rush 2, now is a good time to start, as a new Dusty Tokens event has started today! This is the second time such an event is taking place, and at the moment it’s not clear to me when it will end. Last time, the event lasted around a week. As a result of the update, I’m now noticing that winning challenges nets you 80 Dusty Tokens compared to the 50 you earned before. Reviewing a photo or completing a treasure hunts grants  you 15 tokens.

When the game was first released, you earned a lot less Dusty Tokens, leading people to join groups that sent easy challenges to each other to greatly increase the amount of tokens earned. While that’s still possible, getting 6000 Dusty Tokens is no longer out of reach for regular play. During these events, even if you just complete the treasure hunts daily, you can earn a few thousand Dusty Tokens in a week. There’s more to be said about the online play, but I’ll reserve that for a separate article!

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