Amazon UK and GAME Currently Selling Gravity Rush 2 for £29.99

Gravity Rush 2 - UK Price Drop

Last week, GAME dropped their price for a physical copy of Gravity Rush 2 to £29.99 (down from £44.99), quickly selling out their online stock. It appears the game is again available on their online store now, still at £29.99. However, I now noticed that Amazon UK also dropped its price for the game to the same £29.99, although the delivery time there ranges from 1 to 3 weeks.

A quick check on the PlayStation Store reveals that the game there is still being sold for £49.99. So it’s not that, unlike with The Last Guardian, Sony has actually issued a permanent price drop on the game. It’s not clear how long the game will be sold at this price at Amazon and GAME, but hopefully it will convince more people in the UK to give the game a try. You can find the link to the game’s page for both GAME and Amazon UK below.



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