First 4 Figures Asks Fans If They Would Be Interested in a Kat Statue

First 4 Figures

In a reddit post, Viku-Asakura points out that First 4 Figures, a company known for creating high-quality statues/figures of various video game characters, have included Kat in one their recent polls. Depending on how many votes they get, they may consider looking into creating a statue for Kat. It’s not a public poll however, as you first need to be accepted in the F4F Official Collector Club to be able to vote. If you’d be interested in seeing a Kat statue from F4F, you can read the details in Viku-Asakura’s post:

Kat Statue First 4 Figures Poll from gravityrush

Thanks to Fuokko for pointing out the reddit post on Twitter!

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