The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice Available Now on the PlayStation Store!

Ark of Time & Dark Angel DLC

UPDATE: The Dark Angel costume appears to have been pulled from the PlayStation Store. It’s not clear if it was released too soon, as the in-game news updates do mention its release. It’s not clear at the moment when it will me made available again. For those that did manage to download it, the costume can still be used in-game. On the other hand, the DLC has been made available on the US PlayStation Store as well now.

UPDATE 2: SIE Studio Japan PR Manager Yasuhiro Kitao stated on Twitter that more information regarding the costume will be coming soon.

Original Article:

Sony has released “The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice”, the first (and possible only) story DLC for Gravity Rush 2 on the PlayStation Store today! The DLC lets you play a storyline that occurs in between Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2, and lets you play as Raven as she tries to rescue the children that remained in the Ark following the end of the first game. It explains some of the events


At the same time Sony have also released the “Dark Angel” DLC, a costume for Kat that was previously unveiled in the official Gravity Daze 2 guide, but hadn’t been formally announced for release.

Also part of the DLC is an update to the Delvool Trench Mines. The trench mines get 20 new levels on top of the existing 30 new ones, and you can even play as Raven now. Apparently, she also has better luck finding gems and talismans than Kat!

Lastly, there’s a also a new event that started along with the update: Gravity ore will be respawning at a faster rate now, making mining more efficient. While it’s not mentioned, we assume this event will run for a limited time only.

The game itself has also received a new update of around 1.535 GB, which brings it to version 1.1.




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