Golden Week Sale on the US PlayStation Store Includes Discounts for Gravity Rush 2 and Gravity Rush Remastered

Sony has launched its annual “Golden Week” sales on the US PlayStation Store, offering discounts on a wide range of games from Japanese development studios. Two of the highlights in the long list of discounted games are of course Gravity Rush Remastered and Gravity Rush 2 for the PlayStation 4. The PS4 remaster of the original PS Vita version of Gravity Rush can be bought for only $17.99, while Gravity Rush 2‘s price has been reduced to $41.99. Those with a PS Plus subscription get an additional 10% discount.

Currently, NieR: Automata is the best-selling game in the Golden Week list, while Gravity Rush 2 is at #5. Gravity Rush Remastered can be found a bit further on at #8. That doesn’t actually seem like a bad result so far, and I can only hope these discounts will convince more people to take a look at the Gravity Rush games. In that regard, the upcoming release of the (free) NieR costume DLC for Gravity Rush 2 on May 5 may help boost sales as well. If you can, be sure to spread the word!

You can find the link to both games on the PlayStation Store below. The sales run until 5/9 at 8AM PT.

US PlayStation Store – Gravity Rush 2

US PlayStation Store – Gravity Rush Remastered

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