The H” Hdge Technical Statue No.4 Gravity Kat Figures Are Getting a Rerelease

Union Creative have announced that the H” Hdge Technical Statue No.4 Gravity Kat figures, originally released in 2014, are getting a rerelease. Aside from the regular version with Kat in her traditional Shifter 1.0 outfit, there’s also a special version with a white costume. Sculpted by Keita Kawai, both figures are approximately 200mm in height. Contrary to what’s shown in the photos, the base and support pole of the rerelease will be transparent. They’re available in a limited quantity at various online retailers, including amiami and ebten, for the price of 10,260 yen (around $92.54 / €82.64). The scheduled release date is October 2017.

Anyone who already has the figure, or is planning to buy the rerelease? Let us know in the comments!

One Reply to “The H” Hdge Technical Statue No.4 Gravity Kat Figures Are Getting a Rerelease”

  1. I already own the Black one, but I never could find the white one anywhere, out of stock whatever the store. I would have paid 200$ or more for that amazing figurine.

    I just ordered the White Kat at nin-nin-game, an online shop created by french guys who live in Osaka. I never had a single issue with them.

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