Kadokawa Announces Gravity Rush Manga for Japan!

Kadokawa have announced that they’ll be releasing a Gravity Rush manga in Japan, which will be serialized in their monthly “Comic Alive” magazine! The first part is apparently scheduled to be released in their September issue (which will be released on July 27). It’s great to see the series get an actual manga. After all, given that the game uses a comic-style presentation, it’s really a natural fit. This is also good news for Gravity Rush fans who wanted to see more adventures from the game’s main characters. Unfortunately, I imagine the chances of this being officially released in English are low, so it’s likely we’ll have to rely on fan translations. Still, it’s great to know that we haven’t seen the last of Kat, Raven and Syd!

Thanks to @Gaming_Knight for pointing out the link to Comic Alive’s tweet.

7 Replies to “Kadokawa Announces Gravity Rush Manga for Japan!

    1. Same here! Judging from the screenshot, I’m expecting the stories to take place during the events of Gravity Rush 2, rather than after.

  1. Cheers to a new manga series for Gravity Rush! Let it be known that there exists an UNOFFICIAL version as well!

    The Chronicles of Gravity Rush 2 – Episode #01!

  2. am kinda of disappointed was hoping for a gravity day or daydream like comic not a generic anime/manga artwork

  3. The more gravity rush related stuff we get, the happier i am, the fact that we are getting a manga, even if it’s in japan, means the series is popular enough and that gives me hope for a third installment of the games.

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