VOLKS Reveals “Gravity Kat” CharaGumin Figure

VOLKS Inc. has revealed a new CharaGumin figure for Gravity Rush’s Kat on their website. This figure is a “garage kit” which has to be assembled and painted manually. However, VOLKS “CharaGumin” series makes this easier for beginners by including colored parts and stickers, saving you the trouble of painting the kit by yourself. You can learn more about the assembly process here. The figure costs around 11.000 yen (around $98, excluding tax), and its height is about 16 cm (1/8 scale). In total it consists of 54 parts. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there’s an option to order it online (at least not at the moment), so you’d have to buy it directly at events in Japan such as VOLKS’ “All That’s Hobby 28” (July 28) or Wonder Festival 2017 (July 29).

Thanks, SIE’s @wakasma for pointing out the link to the figure on the official Volks website.

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