Gravity Rush Remastered Is Heading to PlayStation Now in Japan

Gravity Daze Available on PlayStation Now in Japan

Recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced a lineup of PS4 games for their PlayStation Now streaming service . Previously, it only included PS3 titles. While no Gravity Rush games are included in the initial batch of PS4 games for the West, the same isn’t true for Japan, where the PS4 version of Gravity Daze (known as Gravity Rush Remastered in the West) is part of the first lineup of PS4 games. The games are scheduled to become available on July 20th.

If you’re not sure what PlayStation Now entails, it’s essentially a gaming equivalent of services like Netflix. Rather than playing the game on your console, it’s instead running remotely on Sony’s servers. Your controller input is sent to the server where it’s processed, and the resulting video footage is then streamed back to your device. This has disadvantages, such as a lower visual quality and increased input lag, but also advantages as you no longer need to install games, and you don’t actually need a PS3 or PS4 either. Indeed, the service is also available on PC, which means a range of previously exclusive PlayStation exclusive games can now be played on the device without requiring original PlayStation hardware or an emulator.

It’s unfortunate that Gravity Rush Remastered isn’t part of the PS4 PlayStation lineup outside of Japan, as I’d like to see how well it compares to the game running locally. Hopefully, it’ll became available later on!

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