‘Only on PlayStation’ Discounts on EU PS Store Include Gravity Rush Remastered and Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush Remastered & 2 - PlayStation Store

Sony has launched their “Only on PlayStation” discounts on the EU PS Store, discounting plenty of PlayStation exclusive games. These include Gravity Rush 2 , which receives a ~50% discount (€19,99 / £15.99), and Gravity Rush Remastered which receives a ~66% discount (€9,99/£7.99). What’s interesting is that the Gravity Rush 2 Original Soundtrack also received a ~62% discount (€2.99 / £2.49). Containing a selection of 15 songs from the game’s excellent soundtrack (53 minutes and 15 seconds of music in total), this really is a great deal, even for those who already have the Director’s Choice soundtrack that came with pre-orders of Gravity Rush 2’s digital version. You can find the links to the games and soundtrack on the PS Store below.

EDIT: One of our followers pointed out that the PS Vita version and its DLC has also been discounted. The game received a ~60% discount, reducing the price to €5.99/£4.99. I added the link below, along with the individual DLC.

If you know anyone in the EU who might be interested in getting either (or both) of these games at this reduced price, please let them know about this sale! Even now we can still make a difference by spreading the word and helping others discover this unique PlayStation franchise.

Let us know what you think!

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