Another Look at Gravity Rush 2’s Sales Numbers

UPDATE: More accurate results can be found in this article.


As we’re slowly nearing the end of the year, I thought it was a good time to take another look at Gravity Rush 2’s sales numbers. Over the past year I’ve regularly written down the number of users at a given time in the game’s worldwide Dusty Token chart. While I can’t be certain that the chart shows accurate numbers, it should at least reveal any noticeable spikes in sales. But as you can see below, there’s nothing that really stands out. The game continued to accrue players at more or less the same rate, even with Sony permanently reducing its price. As in my first article, I’ll use this information to try and make an educated guess of the amount of copies the game sold until now.

Back in February, I extrapolated a number of around 168k copies sold. We can use the same method again here. At the moment we have around 229k Dusty Token users. But according to the trophies, only around 76% of the people who played the game actually reached Chapter 2, which is where you can start earning tokens. This would mean that the total player count should now have reached the 300k mark. I’d like to think the actual number of people who bought the game would be higher, but with Sony shutting down the online servers, it’s clear it didn’t meet their expectations. But while we can’t change the game’s poor launch, we can still contribute to getting the word out on the franchise. Every sale still counts, and the more people end up playing the game, the better chance we’ll have at getting a sequel somewhere down the road.

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  1. This game is an exceptional hidden gem of rare beauty and endless charme.
    I am disappointed by the low sales because I believe more people should try the feeling of free-falling through floating cities in an endless sky.
    I do not know if game promotion was done right, but timing was maybe unfortunate: the end of 2016 had some good games and 2017 started with Yakuza 0 and Horizon Zero Dawn, the latter going from “please don’t suck” to game of the year contender, followed three days later by Breath of the Wild and one month later by the instant all-time classic Nier: Automata.

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