The Gravity Rush 2 Original Soundtrack “Japan Deluxe Edition” is Available on iTunes and Amazon

Gravity Rush 2 - Original Soundtrack Japan Deluxe Edition - Cover Art

This is actually old news, but I imagine not many are aware that the entire Gravity Daze 2 soundtrack, which was released physically in Japan on 4 CDs, is in fact also available digitally on iTunes and Amazon in select regions. Titled the “Gravity Rush 2 Original Soundtrack Japan Deluxe Edition”, the soundtrack was apparently added to iTunes on February 27 and includes all the 73 songs for the price of $27.99. The other good news is that this also gives us the official English track names for all of the songs. You can find the link to the soundtrack on the US iTunes here, and on Amazon here. It’s also available on the UK and France iTunes, as well as on Amazon UK.

There’s also a regular Gravity Rush 2 Original Soundtrack available on iTunes, comprising 15 songs.  This appears to be the same soundtrack which is also available on the PlayStation Store (where it’s heavily discounted in the EU at the moment). Composed by Kohei Tanaka, it needn’t be said that the Gravity Rush 2 soundtrack ranks among the best video game soundtracks out there. As such, it’s well worth the price!


1Gravity Rush 22:17
3Troubled Heart2:50
4Return to Port1:04
6Ill Omen2:21
7Double Finisher0:25
8Set Sail2:28
9While You Work2:40
10Storm and Triumph6:51
12Enchanted Zone3:17
13Fight Gravity6:42
15Fire-Bound Lions3:12
16Gnawing Suspicion0:36
17Worthy Adversary2:40
18Gnawing Suspicion (Variation 1) [Bonus Track]0:37
19Gnawing Suspicion (Variation 2) [Bonus Track]0:37
20Gnawing Suspicion (Variation 3) [Bonus Track]0:38
1Call to Ships0:35
2Lei Colmosna3:46
3Portolhao Market4:40
4Restless Frustration1:36
5Tranquil Mine2:24
6Lei Elgona2:37
7Night Gale4:46
8A Cue Aun Tu Oi / A Red Apple (Accordion)1:03
9Candlelit Journey3:23
10Lei Havina2:27
11Under Orders1:35
13Fort Bismalia1:43
14The Lost City3:33
15Call to Ships (Variation 1) [Bonus Track]0:36
16Call to Ships (Variation 2) [Bonus Track]0:37
17Call to Ships (Variation 3) [Bonus Track]0:38
1Auldnoir (Revisited)3:14
2Pleajeune (Revisited)3:16
3Endestria (Revisited)2:08
4Vendecentre (Revisited)2:07
5Hot Pursuit2:06
6March of the Dead5:56
7Level Four Alert4:38
8Down in the Trench1:52
9Under Invasion5:17
11Double Finisher (Failed)0:26
12Geometric Rift2:24
13Fate’s Spiral3:13
14Gravity Rush 2 (Harmonica)2:59
15Faster and Higher1:35
16Qualify [Bonus Track]0:10
17Mission Complete [Bonus Track]0:10
18New Record [Bonus Track]0:10
19Game Over [Bonus Track]0:13
1End of the World1:45
3Locked Away2:16
4A Cue Aun Tu Oi / A Red Apple (Music Box)0:50
5Memories in the Brink2:18
6Electromagnetic Queen3:14
7Fundamental Forces5:14
9All to Dust7:21
10A Cue Aun Tu Oi / A Red Apple (Chant)1:06
11A Cue Aun Tu Oi / A Red Apple3:23
12Gravity Rush (Ending)3:37
13Breaking Gravity0:40
14Labyrinth of Memories2:54
15Light and Dark4:24
16Blank Slate Monster6:43
17A Cue Aun Tu Oi / A Red Apple (Instrumental) [Bonus Track]3:23

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