Gravity Rush 2 Appears To Be Getting A Physical Release in Brazil on November 30

PSX Brazil have posted an article where they point out that online retailer Submarino has listed two PS4 games that will be getting a physical release in Brazil. Previously only available digitally, both Everybody’s Golf and Gravity Rush 2 will be getting a physical release on November 30. Gravity Rush 2 received a ClassInd rating of 12.

I personally wasn’t aware that the game had only been released in digital form on the PS Store in Brazil, so it’s nice to see that it still received a physical launch. The more ways for the game to reach new buyers, the better. On a related note, when it first launched the PlayStation 4 was very expensive in Brazil (no less than $1,800) due to hefty import tariffs, but after Sony announced plans to manufacture the console in Brazil it appears it has now dropped down to a more reasonable $500 for the base PS4, one Dualshock and 3 games.

Thanks to Hector for letting me know about the PSX Brazil article.

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