Gravity Rush 2 Gets Another Permanent Price Drop in the EU PS Store, Now Down to €19,99 / £15.99 (UPDATED)

UPDATE December 22: It looks like the price drop was in fact not permanent but a clever, albeit questionable, tactic from Sony. The prices of a large number of games were dropped to €19.99 ahead of the “2 for €30” promotion. This made all the games in that promotion appear to be equal in value. What we didn’t know was that Sony was planning to return the games to their original price after the “2 for €30” promotion was over. This explains why Sony made it look like the prices were permanent, as otherwise people would have likely favored the more costly games during the promotion.

Original article:

In a move that I genuinely didn’t expect to happen, Sony has issued a second permanent price drop on Gravity Rush 2 in their EU PS Store, taking down the price to a low € 19,99 / £ 15.99. Incredibly, this actually means Gravity Rush 2 is now cheaper than Gravity Rush Remastered. That’s odd to say the least, and it can’t really be a good sign if Sony feels this price cut was necessary. Unlike last time, it doesn’t seem like this price drop extends to the physical version this time around. On the US PS Store the game’s price also remains the same at $39.99 (around € 33).

I should point out that Gravity Rush 2 is just one of the games that got a permanent price drop, and many of the titles in the list (including The Last Guardian) dropped down to the same € 19,99 / £ 15.99 price point. Gravity Rush 2 is nonetheless one of the newest titles on that list. Hopefully it will convince more people to buy the game, as it can’t really get much cheaper outside of temporary sales… You can find the link to the game on the EU PS Store here.


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  1. i hope that they continue the story of gravity rush, but i guess that menas they are probably not going to release gravity rush 3

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