Spotify’s “PlayStation Game Music” Winter Playlist Includes Three Gravity Rush 2 Songs

Spotify - PlayStation Game Music - Christmas Kat

On Twitter, Gravity Rush fan Art Shak pointed out that there’s a new (or updated) playlist from PlayStation Music Japan on Spotify, which has cover artwork featuring Kat. It turns out that this new collection also features 3 songs from Gravity Rush 2‘s soundtrack. And while the complete Gravity Rush 2 soundtrack isn’t available in Spotify in Europe due to region-locking, I could still play the three songs in this album. I imagine the same might be true for other regions (UPDATE: @Zenkuo on Twitter points out that only 6 songs are available in the US, and unfortunately they don’t include the Gravity Rush 2 tracks). The included songs are:

  • 安堵 (English: Respite)
  • レイ・ハビーナ (English: Lei Havina)
  • GRAVITY DAZE 2 – Harmonica Ver. (English: Gravity Rush 2 (Harmonica))

You can find the link to the playlist on Spotify here. Aside from Gravity Rush 2, the playlist includes songs from The Tomorrow Children, Devil May Cry 2, rain, Demento (Haunting Ground), The King of Fighters ’99Sengoku Basara and Resident Evil (2, 3 & 6). Small note regarding the cover art: long-time Gravity Rush fans will no doubt have noticed that the artwork isn’t new. You can also find it in Gravity Rush Remastered‘s in-game gallery.

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