Gravity Rush Remastered Is on Sale During Golden Week on the US PlayStation Store!

It’s time for another Golden Week sale on the US PlayStation Store, where a plethora of games from Japanese developers are made available at a discount. Part of the list is Gravity Rush Remastered for PS4, which receives a 60% discount, bringing down the price to $11.99. Those who have PS+ receive an additional 10% discount (down to $8.99). What’s interesting is that the game’s full price was $29.99, and that was actually $10 more than Gravity Rush 2, after the latter received its recent price drop. That situation was more than a little odd, and whether or not Gravity Rush Remastered will return to its original $29.99 price is unclear.

Regardless, this is a good deal for Gravity Rush Remastered, so if you haven’t played it yet (or if you only played the PS Vita version), it’s a good occasion to pick it up! You can find the link to the game’s PS Store page here. The discount is available until May 8, 05:00 pm.

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