EU PS Store “Big in Japan” Sale Includes Discounts for Gravity Rush 2 and Gravity Rush Remastered!

Just as the US PS Store had launched their annual “Golden Week” sales, the EU PS Store has now launched their own annual “Big in Japan” sale. For Gravity Rush fans, the sale in the EU is actually better than the one in the US. The “Big in Japan” sale lowers Gravity Rush 2’s price to €14.99 (~$18), making it even cheaper than the US version. And while the US “Golden Week” sale only included Gravity Rush Remastered, the EU “Big in Japan” sale offers discounts for 4 Gravity Rush items on the store (link to the PS Store included for each item below):

And if you’re out of Gravity Rush content to buy, there are plenty of other great deals which you can view on the PS Store here. The sales end on May 10.

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