An Overview of Prime 1 Studio Museum 2018’s Gravity Rush 2 Merchandise

Prime 1 Studio's Kat and Raven statues shown an their museum.

Prime 1 Studio have announced that they will be holding their “Prime 1 Studio Museum” exhibition open for a while longer due to its popularity. Started on Friday, September 21, 2018 and held at Yurakucho Marui (Tokyo), the exhibition will continue until October 22, 2018. The exhibition shows Prime 1 Studio’s statues as well as other officially licensed merchandise. One of those licenses includes Gravity Rush 2, and Prime 1 Studio have been putting it to good use by creating a variety of Gravity Rush 2 related products. The previously announced Kat and Raven statues are the highlight of their Gravity Rush 2 merchandise, but it’s certainly not the only one. Below you can find a closer look at all their content. At the time of writing, only the Kat statue appears to be available for pre-order outside of Japan.

Kat and Raven statues

Both the Kat and Raven statues are on display at the exhibition, with the Kat statue showing an updated version of Kat’s face (compared to the initial reveal). The Kat statue can be pre-ordered here (note that the images shown there are outdated).

Gravity Rush 2 Pin set

At the museum you can also play at a capsule toy machine that contains ten different Gravity Rush 2 pins. The artwork on them is based on some of the trophies you can earn in Gravity Rush 2. Each play costs 400 yen (around $3.5).

Signed Gravity Rush 2 giclée art print by Takeshi Oga and Shunsuke Saito

These 2 art prints were originally created by Gravity Rush 2‘s concept artist Takeshi Oga and character designer Shunsuka Saito. Prime 1 Studio are selling signed giclée art print versions of these works. They each cost ¥ 32,000 (around $281/€244), with a height of 344 mm and width of 644 mm, and come with a certificate and serial number. The signatures are said to be “authorized, automated penciled signatures”. The only place to order these appears to be at the museum itself, with delivery expected around mid-November 2018 to mid-December 2018 (delivery date may change depending on the manufacturing situation).

Gravity Rush 2 acrylic figures

These four acrylic figures show Kat, Raven, Durga and Kali in the same pose as we’ve seen them in, for example, the official PS4 themes. They cost ¥ 1,200 each (tax included), which is around $10.5 / €9.

Gravity Rush 2 folders

These “clear files” (file folders) feature Gravity Rush 2 portraits of Kat, Raven, Durga and Kali. Interestingly, the included screenshots feature the English name of Kat and Raven (rather than Kitten and Crow, as they’re called in the Japanese version of the game). It also mistakenly swapped the names of Kali and Durga. Aside from the character names, each also includes a location in Gravity Rush. Perhaps the back cover of the folders includes artwork of those locations? At the moment there are no release or pricing details for the folders.

Source: Prime 1 Studio Japan website and the Prime 1 Studio Twitter account

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