Gravity Rush 2 is Part of PlayStation Japan and PlayStation Asia’s December Lineup of PS Plus Games

Gravity Rush 2 - PS Plus Japan/Asia

Playstation Japan and PlayStation Asia have revealed their lineup of free games for PS Plus subscribers for the month of December, and Gravity Rush 2 is included! Previously Gravity Rush Remastered had already been part of the PS Plus monthly games lineup, so it makes sense to see Gravity Rush 2 join it. It means a lot of newcomers will get to play the game, and that’s obviously a good thing!

Unfortunately, Gravity Rush 2’s online services have already been shut down, putting a bit of a damper on this news. Much like what happened with Bloodborne, Gravity Rush 2 would have seen a considerably increase in online user activity had its online functionality still been there. Newcomers would have been uploading treasure hunts, photos and challenges, also making it a good reason for those who already played the game to come back and participate in the online activities. At least they’ll still be able to share screenshots and “gravity photos” on social media.

As for the West, it doesn’t seem like we should expect to see Gravity Rush 2 as a PS Plus game anytime soon. After all, we haven’t even seen Gravity Rush Remastered included in the lineup, so it wouldn’t make much sense to release its sequel first. Some time ago I asked people to retweet this tweet to various PlayStation accounts, in the hopes of getting Sony to consider releasing the first game as a free PS Plus game. I hope Sony will do so eventually, as it could help grow the franchise’s userbase.

As for the other games in the December lineup, they do differ depending on the region, with Asia getting God Eater 2: Rage Burst, Katamari Damashii No Vita, and Japan getting Action Henk. You can view a video showcasing the PlayStation Asia lineup below.

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  1. Got this game free from PS Plus, and I have to say… I regret getting it 2 years after its release for free after knowing that this game didn’t sell well. Definitely going to get GR Remastered and here’s to the 2nd anniversary of GR2 and hopefully a third installment to the series :’)

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