After Gravity Rush 2, We now Also Know the Total Player Count for Gravity Rush Remastered!

If you read our previous article, you’ll know that a Redditor named /u/gamstat managed to devise a way to use the #MyPS4Life videos to discover the total number of people who played a particular PS4 game. After using this method to calculate the player count for Gravity Rush 2, I shared these findings with /u/gamstat on Reddit so they could be added to his website. I also mentioned that I had yet to find a video showing Gravity Rush Remastered, and gamstat was kind enough to track one down for us (the only one out of almost 9500 videos)! With this we could finally calculate the total number of people who own/played Gravity Rush Remastered. The trophy in question, World-Class Plumber, was achieved by 119,667 people, accounting for 10.4% of the total player count. This means around 1,150,000 people in total have played the game!

I’m assuming this is indeed the worldwide number, which would include the numbers from the people in Japan/Asia who played the game when it was free for PS+ subscribers. Still, this doesn’t seem like too bad a number for a remaster of a PS Vita game. We can probably also conclude that, given Gravity Rush 2‘s current 800,000 player count (which might not actually include players from the free December PS+ lineup in Japan/Asia), it’s likely the sequel is selling faster over time.

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