We May Finally Know How Many People Played Gravity Rush 2 Based on Data From PlayStation’s #MyPS4Life Videos

Gravity Rush 2 Trophy Sales Numbers

As many PS4 owners may already know, PlayStation has recently given them the option of generating a video that contains some personal gaming stats based on the PS4 games they’ve played. These videos have been shared by many on Twitter under the tag #MyPS4Life. Where things get interesting is that one of these stats shows the users’ rarest trophy, as well as the total number of people who also achieved that same trophy. Reddit user /u/gamstat realized that this number, along with the percentage of players that achieved the trophy (which is data that’s already available to everyone), allows us to calculate the total player count for the game. And as such, that number shouldn’t be far off from the total number of copies sold. Gamstat made a website of the same name showing all the results he gathered so far. While Gravity Rush 2 isn’t on the list yet, Gamstat also provided a zip file containing almost 4000 screenshots of rare trophies results for people who want to search for a specific game. Guess who went through the files to find Gravity Rush 2‘s results?

I may have missed some, but I found two Gravity Rush 2’s trophy results. In addtion, one of our followers @JustoneAssassin gave us another result. This gave us enough data to find out the total player count for the game!

The trophy “Personal Space” was achieved by 24,028 players in total, while the trophy “Mining Instruction” was achieved by 61,436 players. Looking at the PS4 trophy statistics for Gravity Rush 2, “Personal Space” was achieved by 3% of the players while “Mining Instruction” by 7.7%. This gives us a total of respectively 800,000 and 798,000 players in total. The results from @JustoneAssassin gave us a total of 795,000 players. As you can see, these three different sources deliver total numbers that are very close. In other words, this means that around 800,000 people played Gravity Rush 2!

Unfortunately, there’s one caveat that prevents us from simply concluding that these are also the total sales numbers. Around 2 weeks ago, Gravity Rush 2 was made available for free to PS+ subscribers in Japan and a number of countries in Asia. This has caused an influx of new users that may have skewed the results. But with discounts as low as $5.99, it doesn’t really matter anymore how many copies were sold anyway. Instead, what’s important is that close to a million people played Gravity Rush 2. That’s still a substantial number, and there are plenty of people out there that we may yet convince to give the game a try. After all, it’ll only truly be the end for the Gravity Rush franchise if we let it fade into obscurity.

Lastly, if anyone has more #MyPS4Life rarest trophy results for Gravity Rush 2 or Gravity Rush Remastered, do let me know in the comments or on our social media!

3 Replies to “We May Finally Know How Many People Played Gravity Rush 2 Based on Data From PlayStation’s #MyPS4Life Videos

  1. I bought a physical and a cheap digital version, but i think a lot of siblings and pair could share a version. So this number could be lower.

  2. Not sure I want to admit how many hours I have played GR2 but my I am not included in MyPS4Life stats so I expect are many more players who enjoyed this game. Played a long time in Jirga Para Lhao cause I did not want the game to end. Spent far to much time on dusty tokens ending up 147 or 148 world ranking when the servers turned off (I had gone to Hekseville by then) and I was probably a year late starting.

  3. I only learned of the series 4 days ago but I’ve already completed Grav Rush 1 100%, I also already took it upon myself to buy Grav Rush 2 (So add one count), but with the onset of the holidays I doubt I’ll have a chance to play it until the new year… I am kinda sad to hear that online leaderboards and the likes are already shut down, but that’s what I get for being late to the party.

    I can’t speak for Gravity Rush 2, but Gravity Rush actually had me enjoying the time I spent. Not many games do that these days and from what I hear 2 is even better.
    Maybe when I’m done with 2 we’ll have a Gravity Rush 3 announcement of sorts. One can hope no?

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