Gravity Rush 2 No Longer Crashes on PS Now!

On Reddit, /u/MeatzaMan let people know that Gravity Rush 2 no longer crashes when taking a photo while streaming the game via PS Now (thanks to Amine Izumi as well for notifying us on Twitter). I’ve tried this out myself now and taking a photo does indeed work! PS Now still gives you an error message while taking the photo, and you can’t actually view the past photos you took, but it no longer crashes PS Now and so far I managed to clear the main story episode that required you to take photos.

Whether or not this impacts side-quests and the ending credits (which showed you some of the photos you took throughout the game) isn’t something I’ve been able to verify yet, but it looks like finishing the game should at least be possible now.

It’s certainly nice to have some good news to report regarding Gravity Rush 2 for a change! My thanks to the people who reported the problem, as well to PlayStation UK support for forwarding the reports internally and to the team that managed to fix the crash.

Let us know what you think!

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