More Details on Shunsuke Saito’s Schedule at Art to Play in Nantes, November 16-17

You may already know that Art to Play, a convention that takes place between November 16-17 in Nantes, France, has invited Shunsuke Saito (@sshun3), character designer for Gravity Rush 1 & 2 and art director for Gravity Rush 2 to their event! Art to Play has now unveiled a few more details on Shunsuke Saito’s schedule. He’ll be signing autographs for 2 hours both Saturday and Sunday. Signatures will be handed out at a first come, first served basis, but those with an official item (game, poster, art book, …) from a production Shunsuke Saito worked on will be given priority. He’ll also be holding a lecture on the main stage on Saturday, and on Sunday Art to Play says that there will no doubt be “a small surprise”.

A few fans have already said they’ll be attending, and with around 2 weeks left there’s still time to join them!

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