The Colors Live! Kickstarter Trailer Features a Surprise Appearance of Raven

If you were disappointed to see the lack of Gravity Rush, or any other SIE Japan Studio game for that matter, in the new PlayStation Studios Opening Animation, you’re certainly not alone. Yet surprisingly, we did actually get an appearance of a Gravity Rush character in a different trailer. One for the Nintendo Switch no less.

It was Gravity Rush fan mrow who alerted us to the fact that Raven made an appearance in this Kickstarter trailer for Colors Live!, a digital art application, on Nintendo Switch! While the art was made using the application itself, it’s clearly based on a portrait of Raven in the original Gravity Rush. I’m not sure if everyone involved in the making of the trailer is actually aware that fact. After all, with Gravity Rush being a Sony-owned IP, they’d technically have to get a license from Sony to feature Raven in this trailer. Either way this is a nice surprise. Much like with Mojang (Minecraft) telling people to play Gravity Rush, it’s good to see Gravity Rush get support from outside of the PlayStation family. I also doubt Sony would go as far as to have this taken down, as it’s pretty much the equivalent of fan art.

You can view the trailer here (Raven is shown at around 0:20):

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  1. Could you do an article about the gravity rush 2 sales till now as it is gaining new players? this will be helpful in determining whether or not we can get a third installment.

    1. I could but there’s not much to write about to be honest. I’d need the game to reach a milestone or a certain event (like being added to PS Plus) for it to be meaningful. The truth is that it’s not getting enough new people to really make a strong case for a sequel at the moment.

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