GameFly Adds Gravity Rush Remastered to Their Game Rental Catalogue

Long-time fans may recall that Gravity Rush Remastered was initially set to be released as a PS Store digital-only title in the US. It’s only because of the reaction from the fans that Sony ended up making a deal with Amazon to release a physical edition. Unfortunately not a lot of copies were made, and as a result trying to find a used copy of the game nowadays can easily cost you around $150 or more.

Other ways to play the game included importing a much cheaper physical copy of the game from Europe or Asia, buying the $30 digital version from the PS Store or subscribing to PS Now. But now another option has become available through game rental service GameFly, who announced that they’ve added Gravity Rush Remastered to their lineup. While they often offer an option to buy and keep the used game for a specific price, this option is (unsurprisingly) not available for Gravity Rush Remastered.

On Twitter, people have asked how much they would need to pay if they failed to return the game, with GameFly stating it would be $70. Of course, that would mean people could simply keep GameFly’s copy and pay for “losing” it, then resell the game and still make a profit. That said, the terms of use on their website paint a different story. It states that not returning a game may cause you to be charged for the amount GameFly needs to replace the game:

As a member of the subscription service, you agree and authorize us to charge your Card for the current retail price or replacement price (whichever is higher) of a game (an “Unreturned Game”)

– GameFly Terms of Use (

So anyone planning to rent the game just to resell it is unlikely to make a profit from it. But for those who are unable to get the digital edition and really want to play the game, it’s good to see this option is now available.

What’s also certain is that the attention GameFly’s tweet about Gravity Rush Remastered got in comparison to their other tweets shows there would clearly be demand for a reprint. It’s not clear if there would be room for Amazon or a different company to release one. Would you be interested in buying a new US physical edition of the game, if one were to be released? Let me know in the comments or on our social media!

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