Gravity Rush Speedrun Community Presents “Challenges With The Finnish Line”!

Gravity Rush speedrunner and Discord admin SingingMuffin has announced a new speedrun event for Gravity Rush Remastered! During the event two of the best GRR speedrunners in the world, Wirednotes and Bunnypower, both hailing from Finland, will compete in a 2 out of 3 race. The total prize pot is $100, of which the winner will receive 70% and the other player the remaining 30%.

The event will take place on February 5 at 2PM EST, and can be viewed on SingingMuffin’s Twitch channel here: If you’re not familiar with speedrunning or you haven’t watched a Gravity Rush Remastered speedrun before, this event would be a good time to start! You’ll be surprised at just how fast speedrunners manage to complete the game. Don’t forget that you can also join the speedrun community on their Discord channel via this invite link!

SingingMuffin has also made an announcement video for the event, which you can find embedded below. Lastly, the art for the event was made by JellyFishFortuna, I can highly recommend you check out her other artwork as well!

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