Keiichiro Toyama Talks About His Role as a Creative Director at Bokeh Game Studio in a New Interview

Bokeh Game Studio has released a new video interview with their founder and creative director Keiichiro Toyama, who we of course also know as the director of the Gravity Rush games. In the video, he looks back on how he first got into the game industry, and also talks about his reasons for leaving Sony Interactive Entertainment in order to form his own game studio. Keiichiro Toyama then also looks forward, talking about the new game the studio is working on, which also marks his return to the horror genre. The last part of the interview focuses on his hobby of taking photos, and how it helps him in the creative process.

Rather than reaching to the widest audience possible, my games choose their audience in a way. They tend to have these odd concepts, in the end I’m confident that they leave a trace. I aspire to make IPs that fans can enjoy even ten, twenty years after they’re released.

— Keiichiro Toyama

It’s definitely an interesting interview and not too long, so if you’re a fan of Silent Hill, Siren or Gravity Rush, I can highly recommend watching it. Of note to Gravity Rush fans is also that the first part of the interview shows Keiichiro Toyama playing Gravity Rush 2!

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