Kat Looks to be Making Another Cameo in the New Astro Bot Game!

You may recall that Kat, like many other iconic PlayStation characters, made a brief cameo in Astro’s Playroom on PS5. With the announcement of the new Astro Bot game on PS5, we were of course hoping to see another cameo of Kat. It was Gravity Rush fan Marcaeg who managed to finally spot Kat in a video from Tech & Co, who were at a Summer Game Fest press event from PlayStation!

In the original video from Tech & Co, Kat can be seen at around the 44m25s mark, alongside other characters set to make a cameo in the new Astro Bot.

While we’ve yet to see Kat in actual game footage from Astro Bot, it seems like we can be fairly certain now that she will show up in the new Astro Bot game, set to release on PS5 on September 6! If you haven’t seen Kat’s previous cameo in Astro’s Playroom, you can watch a recording here:

If you’re interested in cameos from other PlayStation characters, Marcaeg also made a TikTok showcasing those found so far.

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