Digital Foundry Tests Gravity Rush 2 Running at 60fps on Modded PS5

Gaming technology specialists Digital Foundry worked together with video game modder illusion to showcase a number of PS4 games running at 60fps on a modded PS5, including Gravity Rush 2! We’ve known about illusion’s work for a while now, and Digital Foundry has included his mod for Gravity Rush 2 in their latest video. On PS5, the mod allows Gravity Rush 2 to reach a stable 60fps in its 4K resolution mode, something that wasn’t possible on PS4 Pro. You can view the video with commentary from Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter below.

Richard mentions that he hopes Sony might consider revisiting the game on PS5 with official 60fps support. I definitely agree, especially since it could also be an occasion to patch out some problems caused by the removal of the online services.

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