Boosted by PS Now, Gravity Rush 2 Catches up with Gravity Rush Remastered’s Estimated 1.2 Million Total Player Count

You may have read my previous articles where I tried to make an estimate of Gravity Rush 2’s sales numbers. I first started out using the game’s worldwide Dusty Tokens chart (which in retrospect proved fairly accurate) to see how many (or few) people bought the game. The chart is now offline, swept away in a gravity storm along with all the other online functionality, but since then has offered us a much better way of estimating the game’s player count. Read on below for more information of where the three Gravity Rush games now stand in terms of player count. One thing to note : do keep in mind that player count doesn’t equal actual sales. For example, the player count gained from PS+ monthly games and PS Now subscriptions don’t translate directly to actual sales. And everything here are still estimates with an around 10% margin of error. My thanks go to for their impressive effort in creating their website, as well as the help in correcting Gravity Rush 2’s earlier estimates (see below). You can also follow gamstat on Twitter here!

Correcting previous Gravity Rush 2 estimates

First of all, a correction on previous estimates. I recently had a discussion with gamstat on Twitter, where we talked about Gravity Rush 2’s numbers, more specifically about the high discrepancy between the estimates on gamstat’s website and their earlier method using MyPS4Life numbers. We determined that one reason for the discrepancy was the fact that the game was made available in Asia for free on PS+ at the time we made our previous calculations. Long story short, the game hadn’t actually reached 800.000 players during November 2018. The corrected estimate was around 596.000 copies, sadly lower.

PS Now is (slightly) boosting Gravity Rush 2’s player count

Nonetheless, as you can see on their website, Gravity Rush 2 received a considerable boost in player count with the PS+ promotion (around 400-500K). What I also found interesting is the comparatively tiny, but still noticeable, increase that started at September 3rd. In fact, that’s exactly when the game became available on PS Now, both in streaming (still broken) and as a digital download. And this was also before the PS Now price drop in October. As minor as it seems (“only” doubling the previous month’s results), it shows that PS Now does what you’d expect: it makes people try games they otherwise wouldn’t have, albeit at a much smaller scale than a PS+ monthly game promotion. In fact, one may question why Sony isn’t putting way more effort in promoting their lesser know first-party titles on PS Now.

Gravity Rush 2 & Gravity Rush Remastered’s Equal Player Count

All this caused Gravity Rush 2 to catch up with Gravity Rush Remastered’s total player count of 1.2 million players, and it’s likely to start overtaking the remaster from here on out. Still in the lead however is the Gravity Rush’s original PS Vita outing at 1.5 million players. But with the PS Vita all but forgotten, it’s not gaining any more new players.

What this ultimately means is that between 1.2 million and 3.9 million people played a Gravity Rush game. The real amount is somewhere in the middle. While dwarfed by other first-party games (God of War 2018 gained 500.000 players just this month alone, also boosted by PS Now) and probably deemed a commercial failure for Sony, it’s still a significant number. This puts the games in the top 10% of all games listed on gamstat in terms of total player count. For that reason, I hope the Gravity Rush fans will continue to talk about the games and recommend them to people who haven’t played them yet.

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