Gravity Memories Charity Fanzine Launches Survey to Gather Feedback!

Hi everyone. You may already have read our previous article about the plan to create a Gravity Rush charity fanzine for the game’s 10th anniversary next year. Since then the team has decided on a name for the fanzine: “Gravity Memories”!

If you haven’t heard about the term before, a fanzine is a non-official magazine that contains various fan creations. In this case, the goal is to make Gravity Memories a non-profit fanzine where all proceeds will go to charity. We’ve also worked on creating a new survey to gather feedback about people who are interested in getting the fanzine and/or contributing to it! You can find the links to the survey here, in an English, Spanish and Japanese version:

Gravity Rush Zine Survey

Gravity Rush (Gravity Daze) ZINE 制作アンケート

Encuesta para Fanzine de Gravity Rush

To avoid duplicate entries a Google account is required to enter the survey, we hope this isn’t too much of an inconvenience. We’d really appreciate it if you could all fill in the form, as it will greatly help to shape the ‘zine! The survey will run for about 2 weeks. We’ll also be posting the survey on our social media, and you can help spread the word there by retweeting/sharing the main announcement posts on Twitter/Instagram. For that matter, the fanzine now also has dedicated social media channels here:


Do follow them to be informed of future updates! We’re also happy to announce that Finn ( has joined the Gravity Memories team! Their experience with other fanzines will help make the Gravity Memories fanzine a reality, and they’ve also contributed the banner and profile artwork you can see used on the new social media channels!

Be sure to follow them to keep track of future updates for the fanzine! You can also still join the the Discord channel here if you want to join in on the discussion about the fanzine:

Our thanks to Regurk and Yukuto for their help in translating the survey in respectively Spanish and Japanese.

Let us know what you think!

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