Gravity Memories Fanzine Survey Results and New Team Members!

Hey everyone! We wanted to give you all an update on the progress made for the Gravity Memories Fanzine. As you may already know, we released a survey in multiple languages to gauge interest for a Gravity Rush 10th anniversary fanzine. We want to give our thanks to the Gravity Rush community for the enthusiastic response, as over 500 people filled in the form! This gave us a ton of useful information and helped us make important decisions moving forward. Read on for some insight into the survey results!

Perhaps unsurprisingly almost everyone (95%) who answered expressed interest in purchasing the charity fanzine. This is reassuring because it’s of course a key factor in being able to produce the fanzine and donate the proceeds to charity. In terms of preferring a physical or digital edition, most people were interested in the combination of both. Otherwise, the physical edition proved the more popular choice over a digital one.

As for the content of the fanzine, thanks to the survey results we were also able to narrow down which content we’ll be including! Here’s the list of possible content that the fanzine will contain:

  • Illustrations
  • Cosplay
  • Creative writing
  • Craftworks
    • Enamel pins
    • Sticker sheets
    • Postcard prints
    • Acrylic charms

Over 200 of the people who answered also said they were interested in contributing such content to the fanzine! Stay tuned for more information on how you can apply soon by following Gravity Memories on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr)!

In terms of languages we’ll be narrowing down the creative writing to English only. While we expect most contributors will be able to communicate in English or otherwise use machine translation, we will have a dedicated translator on board to help communicate with contributors from Japan.

Which brings us to the last topic, our new team members! You may recall we were looking for people to help fill some key positions in the team. We’re happy to announce we managed to find people for every role! Without further adieu, here are the people who have joined the Gravity Memories team and are already hard at work at making the fanzine a reality:

  • Ecto (Graphics Design Lead)
  • Lukael (Art Assistant)
  • Infel (Japanese <-> English translator)

With the team in place, we’re now moving forward to the next important milestone. Stay tuned on May 10th for an important update!

Let us know what you think!

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