Contributor Applications for the Gravity Memories Charity Fanzine Project Are Now Open!

If you’ve followed our recent updates you probably already know about Gravity Memories, a fan project that aims to create a for-charity fanzine to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Gravity Rush/Daze franchise! After reviewing the feedback gathered from a recent survey, the Gravity Memories team is now ready to accept contributor applications starting today until June 4th! More information can be found on the brand new website for the project here! In summary, we’re looking for people that can contribute any of the following list of creative works:

  • Illustrations
  • Cosplay
  • Creative writing (English)
  • Craftworks
  • Merch
    • Enamel pins
    • Sticker sheets
    • Postcard prints
    • Acrylic charms

To apply, potential contributors are asked to fill out the form here. But please do review the information on the website carefully to make sure you’re comfortable with all the guidelines, release schedule and the rules and expectations. The “Introduction & Overview” section contains information on how to contact the team should you have any questions! All proceeds will be going to the Save the Children charity. As several fans pointed out in the survey, it’s a fitting charity for Gravity Rush given the story of Raven and the children of The Lost Tribe featured in both games.

Do be aware that if the numbers we gathered from the survey are any indication, there will be more people applying than we can realistically feature in the fanzine. But don’t let that discourage you from sending in your application! After all, we’re looking for a varied group of creators so you may very well end up being selected. We’re really looking forward to hearing from everyone, and we have every hope that this will become an amazing fanzine to celebrate the 10th anniversary of an equally amazing franchise!

Let us know what you think!

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