Gravity Rush 2 Receives Unofficial 60fps Patch by illusion

As you’re probably aware, Gravity Rush 2’s framerate is locked to 30fps, even on PS4 Pro and PS5. At the moment there’s little hope for an official patch that unlocks the game’s framerate, not in the least because Sony Interactive Entertainment have disbanded Japan Studio altogether. Unlike Microsoft, Sony also doesn’t have a dedicated team working on backwards compatibility to update older games, instead focusing on only updating select PS4 games.

In absence of official patches, modders have stepped in to support the game and its community. For example, after Gravity Rush 2’s online functionality was shut down by Sony, it left people unable to unlock a large number of in-game items including costumes for Kat. Modding group TeamAlua have since been helping newcomers to update their savegames to give them access to that lost content.

One other much requested feature by the community has been a 60fps update for Gravity Rush 2. While the game ran in semi-4K (geometry only) on PS4 Pro, the framerate on both PS4 and PS4 Pro is locked to 30fps. With Gravity Rush Remastered running in 60fps, having the sequel run only in 30fps was a tough sell for some people. This is where video game modder illusion has now stepped in and unveiled the results of months of work figuring out how to unlock Gravity Rush 2’s framerate. Illusion posted a video of a WIP patch for the game, showing Gravity Rush 2 running in 1080P and up to 60fps on a PS4 Pro:

It should be noted that this patch requires a modded PS4. Illusion has posted a more in-depth explanation here for those who want to know how this all works. As the video shows the results are impressive, with the game often holding a stable 60fps framerate with some minor dips here and there. It shows that an official performance mode for the game would definitely be in the realm of possibility if Sony were willing to patch the game, not in the least for PS5 which has no problem locking to 30fps in even the most challenging sections of the game.

Realistically, with even Bloodborne still not having received an official 60fps patch despite Lance McDonalds unofficial patch getting a ton of attention, it seems our best hope for an official way of playing Gravity Rush 2 in 60fps (or more) may be in the form of a PC release. While that in itself may be wishful thinking, Sony has been ramping up efforts to port more of their games to the PC platform lately. In the meanwhile, we’re thankful people like illusion are putting time and effort in reverse engineering games to add additional features!

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